Jun 25, 2017

Weight loss from the buttocks

Weight loss from the buttocks

In order to burn the fat from the buttocks and tone it up, there are several things to take into consideration such as the number of calories, good and bad carbohydrates and good and bad fats on your diet, drinking a lot of water will be always good for your body and of course, all of this is won’t be enough if you don’t exercise. There are some specific types of exercise that could help to reduce that undesired fat from your buttocks and tone it up. There are some useful tips as well like if you have a desk job, and you are sitting all day, it can affect the collagen fibers in your butt by flattening it, so try standing from time to time or walking as much as possible.

Weight loss from the buttocks

A healthy diet and exercise will help you burn fat from the buttocks

To start losing weight from the buttocks you will have to start to lose overall weight, and it starts from a healthy diet. First of all you have to reduce the numberof calories taken, the easiest way is cutting or reducing sugary beverages, carbonated drinks, and fried foods.
Although is true that you must cut out carbs and fatty foods in order to lose weight, you must replace them for foods high in fiber and essential nutrients. There are also good carbohydrates and good fats that play and important role in your diet by giving your body energy, maintaining your metabolism, increasing the ability to metabolize fats, and helping your digestive system to absorb vitamins. Good examples of good and unsaturated fat are foods rich in Omega-3 like fish, nuts, olive oil, almonds, avocado, and olives. Good carbohydrates that provide fiber, energy and keep your insulin levels normal can be found in foods like whole-wheat breads and whole-grain breads, pasta, oatmeal, cereals. There is also recommended that you eat the most in breakfast, a little less, but still big lunch and eat less at diner. To ease hunger through the day the best is having healthy snacks between the three big meals like cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Add more proteins to your diet, will give you more energy and are full of nutrition, lean red meat, fish, eggs, turkey, low-fat yogurt, and cheese are good examples that will help you build muscle tone in your body.

Best exercisesto burn the fat from the buttocks:

·       Yoga is one of the best exercises that you can do almost everywhere, it’s easy, helps you relax, gives you flexibility and peace of mind, and as it makes you hold certain positions for long periods, will strengthen the muscles to burn fat and tone your butt. You can follow online tutorials or seek professional help to focus in the areas you need the most with postures that focus on the muscles of the buttocks like the locust pose, the half-moon pose and the warrior 1 and 2 poses. Some more intense variations of yoga like Bikram, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa are better for butt shrinking.

·       Squats – prisoner squats, pile squats jumps, dumbbell jump squats
While doing squats you are working the buttocks, thighs, hamstrings and the lower back. Furthermore, you can add weights if you desire and eventually move forward to other variations of squats like jumping squats, prisoner squats, pile squats jumps, dumbbell jump squats.

·       Cardio is most effective in the morning to burn fat at a fasted state. There exist several variations of cardioexercises like swimming, running or cycling, and are the best exercises to burn fat. If you want your butt slimmer you will have to work hard, but it can be accomplished by doing cardio exercises as they burn more calories in a minute than any other type of exercises. Some of the best cardio training:

-        Swimming: not only is a great cardio exercise but also gives you a full body workout allowing you to burn calories and tone up your body. You can focus your swimming in a couple of exercises that will help you tone up and slim your buttocks. Adding some aerobics exercises to your swimming, like jumping while kicking your legs out and pushing the water away to the sides with your arms. Another good exercise is facing and grab the wall, while you push your legs together down and back like a dolphin, working your legs and buttocks.

-         High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT): is a variation of cardio but with exercises focused on body weight strength, so you can tone your muscles at the same time you get the most cardio burn. High intensity interval trainingsare the best way to burn excess fat. This is because it keeps your metabolism burning at a higher rate for longer time after exercise than unvarying cardio. But only doing targeted exercises won’t eliminate the additional fat from your butt. Doing this type of cardiovascular training, allows you to alternate between low-moderate to vigorous pace for a short period to force your body to work harder so you can stimulate the muscle tissues while burn more fat.

Green Tea extract is a very good fat burner thanks to the EGCG that contains which helps to break down norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter involved in maintaining metabolic rate and burn fat). It also contains caffeine that gives you that boost that will get you through workouts and helps you with muscle pain post-workout. Caffeine force fat cells to enhance the removal of fat and inhibit storage.

Also, it is very important to drink plenty of water becauseit will help to wash out any impurities in your body, helps to regulate your metabolism, and keeps you from retaining liquids, which helps to slim down. The amount of water recommended is 8 glasses a day. One glass after you wake up, one glass before every meal and one before going to bed. Also, watch your water levels while you are working out, especially with high intensity training, always drink water to avoid dehydration. 


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