Jun 20, 2017

Top 5 websites to lose weight

Top 5 websites to lose weight
It is very difficult to determine what websites are the best when it comes to losing weight, since not all methods are effective for all people. However, we can determine what are the best 5 websitesto lose weight based on the content and the different solutions they offer to people, taking also into consideration their innovation and creativity in the weight loss methods.

Top 5 websites to lose weight

5 sites to lose weight online

1.     HBFIT (Healthy Beauty Fitness) by Hannah Bronfman hbfit.com
Founded by New York DJ, socialite and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, this fit portal projects a healthy image of women. HBFIT seeks to create a positive and balanced mind by inspiring us to be a better version of ourselves. Here we can find how to meditate and eat healthier, learn about the latest workouts that will make you sweat and more.

This fitness blog is the perfect example of when the power of social media and the passion for healthy life come together. What started as photos of her fitness routine, homemade meals and favorite smoothies in her Instagram account, slowly led her to start a healthy community to later create the award-winning blog Best Fitness Site of 2015 by Bloglovin.

2.     Fitness on Toast by Faya fitnessontoast.com  
This is a fitness blog by Swedish trainer Faya Nilsson, where you can find the ideal inspiration for your next exercise outfit, as well as health topics and recipes for any time of the day. Its content is extensive and of quality, that will solve your doubts about detox, why it is good to stretch your body, sleep more, among other things. The images of her posts will make you go out for a run or climb, and they will also make your mouth water with the healthy breakfasts and desserts.

3.     Breaking Muscle https://breakingmuscle.com
Breaking muscle is a site dedicated to provide services to athletes and people in need to lose weight. Their team of experts do research, use the latest equipment and products and prepare great programs dedicated to strengthening, having mind and body welfare and conditioning your figure.

4.     Barbell Shrugged daily.barbellshrugged.com
These guys are seen as the leaders when it comes to fitness and training. Their main niche is CrossFit, however they are not limited to it, and they also provide great of information relevant to everyone looking to lose weight. Barbell Shrugged has a podcast as well, and courses for all levels. Their blog section is particularly awesome since you can read interesting material and share it on your social media accounts.

5.     Sersana by Ana Jimena Ramírez and Lety Roman https://sersana.com
The combination of Lety Roman, a dancer from New York, and the Mexican Ana Jimenez Ramírez made it possible to create this fitness portal. Sersana is a comprehensive health platform for the purpose of motivating and inspiring a balance between mind, body and spirit. It focuses on different areas of health, to create that balance both physically and emotionally. Their Sersana Body Method exercise program and their personalized nutrition program are becoming better known every day.

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