Jun 3, 2017

17 Effective tips tested to lose weight in your face

17 Effective tips tested to lose weight 

in your face

If you have round cheeks and you have a lot of volume on the chin, caused by either overweight or genetics, this probably may make you feel insecure, stay calm! Here are 17 tips on how to lose face fat that you can easily do from home every day and regain that confidence in yourself.

how to lose weight  in your face

17 tips to lose weight in your face

1. Eat healthy

The toxins in animals accumulate in their body fat, and we, when consumed, ingest their toxins, storing them in our body and thus causing swollen fat cells and weight gain.

how to lose weight  in your face

2. Reduce salt

Discard table salt and processed foods such as soups, canned meats or vegetables, fast food, and frozen foods.

3. Drink more water

If your body does not get enough water, reserve the one you have. To make sure you are properly hydrated, take two liters of natural water in small sips throughout the day.

4. Do cardiovascular exercise

A 30-minute routine a day will make you lose weight on the face and neck, facilitate your detoxification, improve your circulation and work all the muscles of your body.

how to lose weight  in your face

5. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes reduce the level of vitamins in the body, without them the skin can not produce collagen, causing a hung face.

6. Moderate alcohol

The liver processes alcohol, if this organ has too much to process, it is not able to metabolize fat, so it ends up accumulating it and causing it to be overweight.

7. Do facial yoga

These stretching exercises help to end tension and anxiety, to relax and de-stress, and to tone the muscles of the face.

how to lose weight  in your face

8. Do facial exercises

Reduce cheek fat by smiling in front of the mirror, inflating cheeks with air and passing air from one to the other, raise and lower eyebrows with eyes open.

9. Get a facial massage

Massage helps to thin the face by increasing metabolism and improving blood circulation.

10. Sleep well

Lack of sleep is reflected in swollen eyes and flaccid face, to help reduce facial and body fat sleep around 8 hours daily.

11. Contouring

Sucking your cheeks, apply a dark blush on the sunken part that works well with your skin tone and on the top of the cheek apply another blush lighter and iridescent and fade to the temples.

how to lose weight  in your face

12. Get a new hairstyle

A good haircut can change your entire appearance by making your face lose fat.

13. Highlight your eyes

When using makeup put more emphasis on your eyes, your face is likely to look thinner.

14. Care for the medicines you take

Some medications may contribute to water retention on the face.

15. Facial Creams

Use facial cream every night to help tone and tighten your muscles. With the middle of the fingers, press on different areas of the face.

16. Do not use cosmetic surgery

These can go very poorly and may look unnatural.

17. Check for food intolerances or allergies

Allergies or food intolerances are to blame for a fuller face.


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