Jun 4, 2017

How to get rid of your double chin? with only four exercises-

How to get rid of your double chin?  with only four exercises-

There are 189 muscles in the human body which are in charge of making us move. We take care of some of them, such as the biceps, but what about those who have forgotten about, such as those which provoke the double chin? Usually, when we go to the gym, we worry about sweating and toning our muscles so that we can be in a good shape but we must not forget about losing weight in our face.
We do not work all muscles out when we go to the gym. More specifically, there is a muscle group that we almost never work out: the muscles of the face and neck. This part of the body usually gives us good clues as to how we are physically: if we have a double chin our shape is probably quite bad, since one of the reasons why the dewlap appears in our neck is accumulated fat in the zone.
Another reason has to do with age: the older you are, the more likely it will appear, because with time the skin gets flaccid. Miracle diets are also to blame, which means that, practically, we lose weight overnight and of course, the skin is not prepared for such sudden changes (nor your body, even if you think so) and the skin remains hanging.
However, there are, as for almost everything, simple exercises that you can do without going to the gym and that will help you, as much as possible, to reduce the double chin. These are the exercises:

How to get rid of your double chin
1.     Neck Stretch: 
     Sit in a chair, with your back erect, and stretch your neck back until you see the ceiling. If you can do it with your mouth closed, you will notice how the entire neck area stretches. The more you tighten your lips, the more you will stretch. Do it with caution because the first few times you can hurt the cervical area.

2.     Call out the five vowels, practice them and if possible, do it in front of a mirror. Exaggerate the gesture: 
      and make them sound out loud "Aaaaaaaa", "eeeeeee", "iiiiiiiiiiii", "oooooooo" "uuuuuuuuu". If there are people around, do not mind that they laugh at you, after all you are investing in your health and your image.

3.     Tighten the muscles of the neck: 
     Close your mouth, tighten the teeth, and activate all the muscles of the neck. You will notice how your eyebrows and your ears also rise. It is normal. If you look at a mirror while doing it, you may find it extremely funny, but do not let that distract you and repeat the movement at least 10 times.

4.     Chew gum: 
      if you can do it, it's one of the best exercises out there, because you can do it anytime and anywhere. The only thing you have to make sure is that the gum is sugarless in order to avoid cavities.
With these simple exercises you will help tone the muscles of the neck and prevent the appearance of the double chin. However, this should be coupled with a balance in your diet and the regular practice of exercises.

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