Jun 12, 2017

12 Steps Tested to lose weight in your face

The excess fat builds up in your face, it will make you look bad and it can be a problem getting rid of it. If you do not want to use surgery, you can reduce that chubby aspect of your face, we will teach you how to lose weight in your face fast, start today with these steps to have a thinner and defined face, and these will make you to look better.

 how to lose weight in your face

12 Steps to lose weight in your face

1. Exercise
To reduce excess fat on your face you should also reduce the excess fat in your body. Losing weight along with physical exercise helps toning the face.
2. Stay Active
You must be active all the time, get up early and do aerobic or cardiovascular exercises; these will keep your circulation active while you will burn fat throughout the body and toning muscles.

how to lose weight in your face

3. Eat healthy

You can make a diet plan for a week that contains many vegetables and fruits and lean meats. Do not eat large quantities at lunch and dinner; you must distribute food in six meals of smaller volume. This will speed up your metabolism and decrease the calories converted to fat.

how to lose weight in your face

4. Prepare food in a healthy way
Cooking steamed, stewed or baked foods, avoiding frying, can make a big difference in the consumption of fats and calories in the body.
5. Decrease salt
We are not talking about eliminating salt at all but get used to cooking with very little salt and add it after cooking in small quantity.
6. Increase calcium intake
A number of studies have shown that consuming at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium from food sources, every day, could lead to greater loss of body fat.
7. Drink lots of water
Drink 8 glasses of water daily, this will help you lose weight on your face, eliminate fluid retention in your body and toxins.

how to lose weight in your face

8. Do not drink alcohol
Alcohol helps to increase body fat, forget about it if you want your face to look thinner.
9. Do facial exercises
Performing an exercise routine for 30 minutes, at least three times a week will help you thin your face. Look at yourself in the mirror and perform exercises such as over-smiling a few times, puckering your lips, open and close your eyes and inflate your cheeks one by one and hold the air for 10 seconds.
10. Facial Massages
Massages should be made with special products for it, with the fingers and with soft and ascending movements. These massages will help you improve circulation in your face. Press with the middle of the fingers using some facial cream and make upward circles in different areas of your face. Pat the back of the hand on the neck and chin.
11. Get a new haircut
The right hairstyle can make the face appear thinner and less round. There are courts that favor and others that disadvantage.

how to lose weight in your face

12. Use Makeup Correctly

Using make-up to brighten or darken areas of your face helps create a slimmer appearance and give it a more stylized appearance.

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