Jun 27, 2017

how to lose weight in your face | We asked the experts

Best Way to Lose Weight in your Face

No one likes to be called fat and obese .Everyone is working towards a healthy fit body. Fat is the adipose tissue below our skin and gets deposited mainly in the thigh and hips of a women and the abdomen area of men. Weight loss techniques are given for the lower body but what about facial area?
Having facial fat does not leave a good impression as it is the first observed parts of the body. A double chin specially. Therefore it is important to know ‘How to lose weight in your face?’


Analyze your weight

Based on the BMI or Body Mass Index you must determine your goals on how much weight you want to lose from your face. You must be aware about the ideal weight one should have depending upon the height. BMI is calculated as Weight (kg) / Height (m) X Height (m). Weight charts are given you should compare and see whether you are obese, perfect or under weight. Then start working towards your goal like losing or gaining weight. Everyone focuses on the facial flab as it is noticed first and then study the ways on How to lose weight in your face? Keeping your happy will also help you lose those extra pounds of your face.

Hydrate your body

Losing face fat requires hydrating your body regularly. Water does miracles to your skin. It helps to keep the body properly moisturized and healthy. Consuming water leads to breakdown of fats which in turn results in sweating that helps in opening the pores in the form of pimples and acnes. Therefore, keeping your body hydrated is really important if you wish to cut on those extra flabs of your face.

Eat Healthy

The rules and regulations of  How to lose weight in your face include healthy food helping the puffiness in your face to decline. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds make you lose weight as the raw nutrients in these foods help clean up your gut, detoxify the liver, metabolize excess fat and promote healthy sleep.


By exercising you sweat up and burn your fats. Fats are stores just below the skin and when you perform exercise it is the first to get burned. You can always start with normally walking for 15 - 20 minutes rather than starting with heavy workout. The technique of How to lose weight in your face should start with healthy food, lots of water and at last an exercise for at least 45 minutes daily. Face gains weight at last so it is the first place to lose it. Chewing gum is the best exercise for the face, it includes your facial muscles to move in a constant motion thus burning out the extra fat stored.

Facial massage

Facial massages help the muscles to relax and detoxify giving it a glow and making it look fresh. There are various facial massages i.e. lymphatic drainage massage .You can look for it on the internet to know more about it.

Clinical treatments

The procedure to How to lose weight in your face also includes different clinical treatments which are lipolysis and mesotherepy. Both include dissolving fats stored on the face by series of injections. But if you can do things naturally avoid trouble to your skin by not going for clinical procedures.


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