Monday, June 12, 2017

12 Steps Tested to lose weight in your face

The excess fat builds up in your face, it will make you look bad and it can be a problem getting rid of it. If you do not want to use surgery, you can reduce that chubby aspect of your face, we will teach you how to lose weight in your face fast, start today with these steps to have a thinner and defined face, and these will make you to look better.

12 Steps to lose weight in your face

1. Exercise
To reduce excess fat on your face you should also reduce the excess fat in your body. Losing weight along with physical exercise helps toning the face.
2. Stay Active
You must be active all the time, get up early and do aerobic or cardiovascular exercises; these will keep your circulation active while you will burn fat throughout the body and toning muscles.

3. Eat healthy

You can make a diet plan for a week that contains many vegetables and fruits and lean meats. Do not eat large quantities at lunch and dinner; you must distribute food in six meals of smaller volume. This will speed up your metabolism and decrease the calories converted to fat.

4. Prepare food in a healthy way

Cooking steamed, stewed or baked foods, avoiding frying, can make a big difference in the consumption of fats and calories in the body.
5. Decrease salt
We are not talking about eliminating salt at all but get used to cooking with very little salt and add it after cooking in small quantity.
6. Increase calcium intake
A number of studies have shown that consuming at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium from food sources, every day, could lead to greater loss of body fat.
7. Drink lots of water
Drink 8 glasses of water daily, this will help you lose weight on your face, eliminate fluid retention in your body and toxins.

8. Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol helps to increase body fat, forget about it if you want your face to look thinner.
9. Do facial exercises
Performing an exercise routine for 30 minutes, at least three times a week will help you thin your face. Look at yourself in the mirror and perform exercises such as over-smiling a few times, puckering your lips, open and close your eyes and inflate your cheeks one by one and hold the air for 10 seconds.
10. Facial Massages
Massages should be made with special products for it, with the fingers and with soft and ascending movements. These massages will help you improve circulation in your face. Press with the middle of the fingers using some facial cream and make upward circles in different areas of your face. Pat the back of the hand on the neck and chin.
11. Get a new haircut
The right hairstyle can make the face appear thinner and less round. There are courts that favor and others that disadvantage.

12. Use Makeup Correctly

Using make-up to brighten or darken areas of your face helps create a slimmer appearance and give it a more stylized appearance.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Top 5 websites to lose weight

Top 5 websites to lose weight
It is very difficult to determine what websites are the best when it comes to losing weight, since not all methods are effective for all people. However, we can determine what are the best 5 websitesto lose weight based on the content and the different solutions they offer to people, taking also into consideration their innovation and creativity in the weight loss methods.

5 sites to lose weight online

1.     HBFIT (Healthy Beauty Fitness) by Hannah Bronfman
Founded by New York DJ, socialite and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, this fit portal projects a healthy image of women. HBFIT seeks to create a positive and balanced mind by inspiring us to be a better version of ourselves. Here we can find how to meditate and eat healthier, learn about the latest workouts that will make you sweat and more.

This fitness blog is the perfect example of when the power of social media and the passion for healthy life come together. What started as photos of her fitness routine, homemade meals and favorite smoothies in her Instagram account, slowly led her to start a healthy community to later create the award-winning blog Best Fitness Site of 2015 by Bloglovin.

2.     Fitness on Toast by Faya  
This is a fitness blog by Swedish trainer Faya Nilsson, where you can find the ideal inspiration for your next exercise outfit, as well as health topics and recipes for any time of the day. Its content is extensive and of quality, that will solve your doubts about detox, why it is good to stretch your body, sleep more, among other things. The images of her posts will make you go out for a run or climb, and they will also make your mouth water with the healthy breakfasts and desserts.

3.     Breaking Muscle
Breaking muscle is a site dedicated to provide services to athletes and people in need to lose weight. Their team of experts do research, use the latest equipment and products and prepare great programs dedicated to strengthening, having mind and body welfare and conditioning your figure.

4.     Barbell Shrugged
These guys are seen as the leaders when it comes to fitness and training. Their main niche is CrossFit, however they are not limited to it, and they also provide great of information relevant to everyone looking to lose weight. Barbell Shrugged has a podcast as well, and courses for all levels. Their blog section is particularly awesome since you can read interesting material and share it on your social media accounts.

5.     Sersana by Ana Jimena Ramírez and Lety Roman
The combination of Lety Roman, a dancer from New York, and the Mexican Ana Jimenez Ramírez made it possible to create this fitness portal. Sersana is a comprehensive health platform for the purpose of motivating and inspiring a balance between mind, body and spirit. It focuses on different areas of health, to create that balance both physically and emotionally. Their Sersana Body Method exercise program and their personalized nutrition program are becoming better known every day.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Program to get rid of face fat

Program to get rid of face fat

Toning the muscles of the face with the help of exercises, will make us feel and look younger, it does not require much effort and is an extremely fun activity. You can practice it any time of the day, you will put aside stress, worries and problems and, at the same time, you will be doing exercises to get rid of face fat.

Simple and real program to lose weight from your face.

Open your mouth as much as you can and then close it. Repeat 10 times.
Lift your eyebrows as much as you can and hold them for five seconds. Repeat 10 times.
Open your mouth wide and close your eyes. When you close your mouth, open your eyes. Do this coordination exercise at least 10 times.
Move your closed lips to the sides of your face as many times as you can.
Fill your mouth with air to inflate your cheeks, hold a few seconds and let go. Repeat 10 times.
Do as if you were giving "kisses" and then a smile without separating your lips (cheeks must move) at least 15 times.
Pull out your tongue and move it around for 1 minute.
Wrinkle your face as if you have smelled something unpleasant or you are about to sneeze. Repeat 10 times.
Practice saying the vowels one by one but exaggerating the gestures, with a very large and marked sound, but holding it for 30 seconds. Do the same with each vowel.
Practice inflating your cheeks as if you were wanting to inflate a balloon and hold the air inside your mouth for 30 seconds.
Tilt your head back as far as you can and hold for 10 seconds; Do it at least 10 times a day in a row. This will work the area of ​​your chin and neck.
Massage your cheeks by pinching it (softly) all the way of your jaw; That is, from the chin to the top, almost to the lobes of your ears. Do 10 sets of 3 repetitions.
For this program to be effective you must do it at least twice a week. When you exercise, your muscles tone and the fat there will gradually disappear. By regularly exercising your various facial muscles, is a guarantee that they will stand firm, which will support your skin and prevent sagging.
Doing exercises to lose fat face, increases blood flow and circulation through these muscles and it can also help counteract wrinkles. Avoid dehydration, overexposure to the sun and other habits that can cause the premature aging of your skin, you will notice the difference and your face will look fresher and toned.
Clearly, adopting a regular exercise routine for your face is preferable to expensive and potentially dangerous plastic surgeries. It does not require any special equipment, although you can find various gadgets that claim to help, but in general, you can easily do facial yoga using only your fingers.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to get rid of your double chin? with only four exercises-

 How to get rid of your double chin?  

with "only four exercises"


There are 189 muscles in the human body which are in charge of making us move. We take care of some of them, such as the biceps, but what about those who have forgotten about, such as those which provoke the double chin? Usually, when we go to the gym, we worry about sweating and toning our muscles so that we can be in a good shape but we must not forget about losing weight in our face.
We do not work all muscles out when we go to the gym. More specifically, there is a muscle group that we almost never work out: the muscles of the face and neck. This part of the body usually gives us good clues as to how we are physically: if we have a double chin our shape is probably quite bad, since one of the reasons why the dewlap appears in our neck is accumulated fat in the zone.
Another reason has to do with age: the older you are, the more likely it will appear, because with time the skin gets flaccid. Miracle diets are also to blame, which means that, practically, we lose weight overnight and of course, the skin is not prepared for such sudden changes (nor your body, even if you think so) and the skin remains hanging.
However, there are, as for almost everything, simple exercises that you can do without going to the gym and that will help you, as much as possible, to reduce the double chin. These are the exercises:

1.     Neck Stretch: 
     Sit in a chair, with your back erect, and stretch your neck back until you see the ceiling. If you can do it with your mouth closed, you will notice how the entire neck area stretches. The more you tighten your lips, the more you will stretch. Do it with caution because the first few times you can hurt the cervical area.

2.     Call out the five vowels, practice them and if possible, do it in front of a mirror. Exaggerate the gesture: 
      and make them sound out loud "Aaaaaaaa", "eeeeeee", "iiiiiiiiiiii", "oooooooo" "uuuuuuuuu". If there are people around, do not mind that they laugh at you, after all you are investing in your health and your image.

3.     Tighten the muscles of the neck: 
     Close your mouth, tighten the teeth, and activate all the muscles of the neck. You will notice how your eyebrows and your ears also rise. It is normal. If you look at a mirror while doing it, you may find it extremely funny, but do not let that distract you and repeat the movement at least 10 times.

4.     Chew gum: 
      if you can do it, it's one of the best exercises out there, because you can do it anytime and anywhere. The only thing you have to make sure is that the gum is sugarless in order to avoid cavities.
With these simple exercises you will help tone the muscles of the neck and prevent the appearance of the double chin. However, this should be coupled with a balance in your diet and the regular practice of exercises.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

17 Effective tips tested to lose weight in your face

17 Effective tips tested to lose weight 

in your face

If you have round cheeks and you have a lot of volume on the chin, caused by either overweight or genetics, this probably may make you feel insecure, stay calm! Here are 17 tips on how to lose face fat that you can easily do from home every day and regain that confidence in yourself.


17 tips to lose weight in your face

1. Eat healthy

The toxins in animals accumulate in their body fat, and we, when consumed, ingest their toxins, storing them in our body and thus causing swollen fat cells and weight gain.


2. Reduce salt

Discard table salt and processed foods such as soups, canned meats or vegetables, fast food, and frozen foods.

3. Drink more water

If your body does not get enough water, reserve the one you have. To make sure you are properly hydrated, take two liters of natural water in small sips throughout the day.

4. Do cardiovascular exercise

A 30-minute routine a day will make you lose weight on the face and neck, facilitate your detoxification, improve your circulation and work all the muscles of your body.


5. Stop Smoking

Cigarettes reduce the level of vitamins in the body, without them the skin can not produce collagen, causing a hung face.

6. Moderate alcohol

The liver processes alcohol, if this organ has too much to process, it is not able to metabolize fat, so it ends up accumulating it and causing it to be overweight.

7. Do facial yoga

These stretching exercises help to end tension and anxiety, to relax and de-stress, and to tone the muscles of the face.


8. Do facial exercises

Reduce cheek fat by smiling in front of the mirror, inflating cheeks with air and passing air from one to the other, raise and lower eyebrows with eyes open.

9. Get a facial massage

Massage helps to thin the face by increasing metabolism and improving blood circulation.

10. Sleep well

Lack of sleep is reflected in swollen eyes and flaccid face, to help reduce facial and body fat sleep around 8 hours daily.

11. Contouring

Sucking your cheeks, apply a dark blush on the sunken part that works well with your skin tone and on the top of the cheek apply another blush lighter and iridescent and fade to the temples.


12. Get a new hairstyle

A good haircut can change your entire appearance by making your face lose fat.

13. Highlight your eyes

When using makeup put more emphasis on your eyes, your face is likely to look thinner.

14. Care for the medicines you take

Some medications may contribute to water retention on the face.

15. Facial Creams

Use facial cream every night to help tone and tighten your muscles. With the middle of the fingers, press on different areas of the face.

16. Do not use cosmetic surgery

These can go very poorly and may look unnatural.

17. Check for food intolerances or allergies

Allergies or food intolerances are to blame for a fuller face.

Friday, June 2, 2017

How To Lose Weight in your Face? 15 Recipes Tested .

How To Lose Weight in your Face?

15 Recipes Tested.
You have tried all types of diets and you still see a round face, do not despair, you must remember that the diet you follow to thin the face should be based on totally healthy and nutritious food, drinking liquids and taking care of not eating foods rich in fat. If you want to look better and feel healthier, here we give you 15 recipes on how to lose weight in your face, each one is a real solution.

15 Recipes to lose face fat

1. Water with lemon

- 1 glass of water
- 1 lemon
- 1 tablespoon honey
In a glass of water at room temperature place the juice of a lemon, add lemon zest and honey.

2. Green tea with mint

- Green tea leaves
- Mint leaves
- 1 tablespoon honey
- 2 cups water
Bring water to boil with the green tea leaves and mint leaves, remove from the stove, let stand covered for 5 minutes, add honey and serve.

3. Ginger Infusion

- 2 cups of water
- 1 piece ginger root
- 1 lemon
Cut the ginger into slices, bring to the boiling water, add the lemon juice, remove from the stove, let stand covered for 5 minutes.

4. Oats with yogurt and fruits

- Half cup oat flakes
- 1 cup natural yogurt
- 2 tablespoons honey
- 1 tablespoon chopped peaches
- 1 tablespoon chopped strawberries
- 2 tablespoons raisins
In a bowl place the peaches, strawberries, and raisins, add honey, yogurt, and oat flakes, stir well and serve at breakfast.

5. Grapefruit, papaya and carrot juice

- 1 cup grapefruit juice.
- 1 cup chopped papaya in small pieces.
- 1 medium carrot chopped into pieces.
Put all the ingredients in the blender and proceed to liquefy, add water to make it less thick. You should drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach, three times a week.

6. Pineapple, guava and melon juice

- 1 cup pineapple chopped into small pieces, without the peel.
- 2 guavas minced in small pieces.
- 1 thick slice of melon, peeled.
- 1 cup of water.
Wash and chop the fruits into small pieces. Extract the juice of the pineapple and melon. Later liquefy with the rest of the ingredients. Drink a glass every day on an empty stomach for a month.

7. Grapefruit Juice and Spinach

- 2 grapefruit.
- 1 cup of spinach.
Wash and blend all the ingredients, add a spoonful of honey. Drink a glass every day on an empty stomach for a month.

8. Grapefruit juice and watermelon

- Half a glass of watermelon chopped into small pieces, without seeds or peel.
- 1 grapefruit
Extract the grapefruit juice. Add in the blender with chopped watermelon. Drink a glass every day on an empty stomach for a month.

9. Cabbage, spinach and seaweed juice

- 1 quarter of green cabbage.
- 1 cup of spinach.
- 4 broccoli florets.
- 1 tablespoon of seaweed
Wash and pass all the ingredients through the juice extractor, settle with the seaweed. Serve. Drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach three times a week.

10. Juice of strawberries, parsley, orange and honey

- 1 of strawberries.
- 1 branch of parsley.
- The juice of 1 orange.
- 1 tablespoon of honey.
- Water.
Add the orange juice with the other ingredients in the blender. Liquefy. Drink a glass every morning, three times a week for a month.

11. Carrot, lettuce, celery, cucumber and tomato juice

- 5 carrots.
- 2 leaves of clean lettuce.
- 2 stems of celery.
- 1 cucumber without the shell.
- 2 chopped tomatoes.
- Two cloves of garlic chopped into pieces.
Pass all the fruits and vegetables through the extractor, minus the garlic. Then blend the garlic together with the mixture obtained. Serve and drink at once. Drink a glass in the morning three times a week.

12. Green salad with avocado

- Italian lettuce
- 1 Cucumber
- 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
- 1 Avocado
- 1 Green pepper
- Ground black pepper
- Extra virgin olive oil
Peel and chop the avocado, wash and cut the cucumber into strips or cubes, part in strips the green pepper, place a bed of previously washed lettuce on a plate, add the green pepper, cucumber, and avocado, add some extra virgin olive oil and ground black pepper, add the pumpkin seeds. Serve for lunch or dinner.

13. Green salad with cabbage and carrot

- Cabbage
- 2 carrots
- Cilantro
- Green pepper
- 1 onion
- Extra virgin olive oil
- 1 lemon
Wash all the ingredients, chop the cabbage, grate the carrot, chop cilantro very small, cut the pepper and onion into strips, place everything in a bowl, mix it well, add some olive oil and lemon juice. Serve on a plate.

14. Chicken and Vegetable Salad

- 1 Grilled chicken breast
- Lettuce
- 2 sliced tomatoes
- Extra virgin olive oil
Cook the chicken breast on the grill until it is browned on both sides, chop the breast into small dice or strips, mix it with previously washed lettuce and the sliced tomatoes, add olive oil and ground black pepper. Serve on a plate.

15. Grilled Salmon

- 1 piece of salmon
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 lemon
- Provencal herbs
- Parsley
- Extra virgin olive oil
Put the salmon in a bowl, chop the garlic in slices, chop the herbs and the parsley, season the salmon on both sides with these ingredients, add the lemon juice, bring to cool for a few hours, heat a frying pan with olive oil, add the salmon, cook for 3 minutes per side, remove from the heat, serve for lunch.