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How can the female with fat face do? What reasons cause female's face fat? Here is a specific look.


The first reason of the fat face is: facial edema. Blood and lymph circulation is bad; water metabolism will diminish, so that the waste water accumulate in vivo, and finally form the swollen in the face and eyelids.

The rescue strategy: first, to keep plenty of regular sleep, and it is appropriate that sleep pillow height is higher than the supine position; second, in the two hours before going to sleep, do not eat salty foods or drink wine; third, every day use the warm water of temperature about 40 to bath for 20 minutes or more; fourth, usually intake more foods of some diuretic effect or potassium foods, such as beans, spinach, bananas, watermelon and sweet potato, etc, to reduce water retention in the body; fifth, strength the muscle and intake the foods rich in vitamin E or iron, such as green vegetables, soy germ class food and so on to promote blood circulation; sixth, regular massage to stimulate the facial circulation, and digest edema.

The second reason leading to the fat face is: the accumulation of fat. Cheeks are bulging round, fleshy and strong, and the facial line profile is not clear, like round chubby bread, is a real fat face. Cheek portion of subcutaneous fat accumulation, expression of muscle recession is the reasons causing facial obesity and nebulous outline.

The rescue strategy: first, usually try to keep upright, healthy posture, and talk more, as well as communicate with the outside world by more facial expressions; second, often do some simple facial movement, such as repeat grin smile, tooting mouth, and plumping the cheeks and so on; third, eat more of the leaves and stems of the crude fiber vegetables, and when eat, you should chew the food slowly to exercise the face muscles stretch; forth, every day use cold and hot water alternately attaining or washing your face, reducing the cellulite; fifth, every day do the action of looking up the head, looking down the head, turning around the head, and the level of turning the head to rid of the rounded fat at the origin of the chin.

In addition, the third reason is muscle relaxation. Increasing age brought about the regeneration of functional decline, as well as overexposure to the sun makes the dermal layer of cellulose and collagen content reduced skin elasticity, and is no longer tight. So, we should attention to the sun; do not smoke; eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.

1. Ways to Reduce Are up against Fat


1. Ultrasound treatments
This process is key nowadays. Of course via cloture. used inside cosmetic discipline. The "ultrasound machine" may help to melt that fat below the skin to your face. Of course, you won't hurt many other cells and tissues on the face. Nevertheless, you ought to consult a healthcare provider before you head for this procedure.

2. Staying on a diet
Let us discuss something can be done without applying any "machine". Nevertheless, you will probably need to consider fat-loss for the whole body. You can for a start consider one's dieting approach. Make sure that you do not get any processed food. You may well consume more fruits. Of course, it's also wise to stay far away from foods that happen to be too fat.

3. Cardio
This could possibly be a most challenging part. Most people cannot stay on our training plan. Nevertheless, aerobic exercises can certainly help us to give up fat quite simply. Of course, it will help want you to lose that fat on the fact. You may become healthier if you possibly can have that habit with exercising on a daily basis. As an outcome, you ought to try to experience a solid training plan you will still are not looking to lose body fat.

4. Makeup exercises
It's possible to have some makeup exercises. There are men and women that maintain that such a exercises do not provide help to lose makeup fat. Nevertheless, there are some men and women that can drop the fats with each other. As an outcome, you should do it while you are asking that question "how to lose weight in your face?". The exercises do not harm you after the wedding of when real.

5. Appetite Suppressants
Again, appetite suppressants can provide help to lose your system fast. You certainly will become trim down easily for it. Of course, a site is losing that person fat while doing so. As an outcome, you ought to use a lot of these pills absolutely help reduce are up against fat.
Today, you should recognize how to reduce are up against fat. Don't forget, when you will be choosing the diet pills, you have to find the best solutions. You ought to read a couple pounds Loss Product Review so as to understand the employment and performance of several products.

2. Three Most Effective Tips For Quick Face Fat Loss


Yet, you would possibly not really know ways to relieve fats on the face. The fact recommendations that usually there are some ways to perform so. In this post, I might layout 3 tips that you lose that unwanted body fat on are up against.

How to take out face body fat

Can be done some makeup exercises. Several of men and women that can drop the body fat efficiently with the exercises. Of course, there are some men and women that say these exercises don't work. Nevertheless, you are not required to worry an excessive amount of that will. The exercises will let you firm your muscle tissue anyway. Consequently, it is going to do you good after the wedding of when real. Furthermore, you will drink a whole lot of water.

Avoiding having coffees. You ought to probably would like to know why you must avoid taking in coffee. The reason is you might just get hold of cellulite as soon as you drink coffees. You ought to avoid experiencing coffee if you need to get rid of face body fat. Drinking water may help to reduce one's hunger.
And you will usually tend to eat a lower number of foods after mineral water. It will likewise help not to lose your calorie burning. This is the reason why drinking water can certainly help. To the following end, drinking water is undoubtedly a resolution for the issue how to take out face body fat.

You can not drive your car. Instead, it's best to walk even more. The idea recommendations that it will help you to extend your process level. And it will boost one's metabolism. This will trigger fat loss after the wedding of when real.

Apart from in the above, you will likewise want to look at some diet pills absolutely help lose that fat. Also, you must use the best supplements. This will make certain you will deprivation the unwelcome fats on the face properly.
So, be sure to study some product critiques so as to choose the most effective Diet pills for wanting you to lose body fat and unwelcome fats.

3. How to Lose Face Fat and Double Chin?


Do you want to lose face fat? Having puffy cheeks could be annoying to some people, so I have laid out some tips for you to implement today.

Most of us want to exercise hard and get the body fat down so that we look great and can fit into some of the sexy clothes that you see celebrities dressed into.
There are some simple exercises, which help a person get that fat off his face. If a celebrity expects quick results then he should organize himself mentally as losing fat from the face is not as easy as putting it on.
If for some, hair is the most important, for everyone, the face is the most important part of the body. This is for the reason that almost everyone would really love to have a perfectly beautiful face.
That is why if they found out that there is something wrong with their face or that fats are already noticeable in the face then they will for sure look some ways on how to lose weight in your face.

What is a Double Chin: A double chin is a phenomenon caused by a layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates a wrinkle, making the owner appear to have a second chin.
There are 3 main causes of excess fat under the chin which is age, genetics and obesity. It is most common on people who are elderly or obese.
So you comprise noticed that you are in advance weight. Well, you can hide fats in your arms, belly and legs by simply dressing up. But you can on no account hide your twice over chin.
This is one sign that you have gained weight and no matter how you dress up, your double chin will always show.

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Home Remedies
Do you have fat deposit on your face and chin area? Do you fancy to get rid of them? You have come to the right editorial. Read this article and find how you can lose face fat and double chin with no operation.
Do you have fat deposit on your face and chin area? Do you want to get rid of them? You have come to the right article. Read this article and find how you can lose face fat and double chin without surgery.
That is why if they found out that there is amazing wrong with their face or that fats are already clear in the face then they will for sure look some ways on how to lose face fat.
The first tip to lose face fat is to avoid salty foods. Excessive salty foods can lead to water retention, which can eventually result in puffy eyes. And puffy eyes can make your face look fatter. So limit your salt drinking in order to lose your facial fat.
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Vital Diet Tips to Burn Fat In The Face And Achieve Younger Skin

Most people would agree that the worst problem associated with weight gain and obesity is facial fat. It is the only place where you cannot hide fat under garments, and the one place where fat makes you look older than you actually are. Here are some diet tips that will help you burn fat in the face and make you look younger in a matter of weeks.

Why Your Face Looks Puffy and Fat
To begin with, a puffy face is not the result of accumulated fat only. Loose and saggy skin also means that you skin tissues have lost some of their elasticity. This is premature aging brought on by the presence of toxins in your body and hormonal imbalances.
As far as actual facial fat is concerned, the two places it accumulates are just below your chin and in your cheeks. You needn't worry, though! With the right diet, you will be able to lose face fat, and get brighter, younger and firmer skin as well.

Omit Processed Foods
Processed and packaged foods are filled with chemicals and toxic additives, which you will not be able to identify on typical nutritional labels. However, these are largely responsible for hormonal imbalances and symptoms of premature aging. Natural, raw and unprocessed foods, on the other hand, are rich in minerals and antioxidants, and they help flush out your system and prevent toxin buildups.

Include Fruits and Vegetables
This is one of the major reasons why health and nutrition experts constantly advise that you add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. There is no food source richer in vital minerals and vitamins than a balanced intake of different seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Besides, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and low in calories, which are major factors when you are trying to lose face fat fast. The fiber will keep you full, and the low calorie density will ensure you don't overeat. As a result, you are more likely to consume less calories than you burn, and your body will then start to burn its reserves of fat from everywhere, including your face.

Drink Water
Water is a cleansing agent, and it flushes deadly toxins out of your body and keeps you replenished and hydrated at all times. Simply put, a toxin-free body is the only secret behind young, firm and glowing skin, and it is not possible to achieve, unless you drink enough water. All your efforts to lose face fat will amount to nothing, unless your skin looks tight and healthy in the first place.
That's not all, however. If you are dehydrated, your body may interpret thirst as hunger, and that causes you to overeat. Besides, a dehydrated body has a sluggish metabolism. So, by depriving yourself of water, you are consuming more calories, and burning less. To lose face fat fast, you need just the reverse! Make sure you drink 7-9 tall glasses of water everyday.

Don't Ignore Proteins

Finally, lean proteins should be a vital component of your diet, if you are looking to lose face fat. Proteins help maintain and build muscle in your body, especially if you are doing some form of exercise. Muscle speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn through fat reserves faster. The best sources of protein are soy, lentils, beans and legumes, eggs, dairy, chicken and fish.
If you can practice these diet tips, you should be able to burn fat in the face and achieve a glowing, healthy skin before you turn a year older!

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Jul 25, 2017



   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face
It’s not surprising to know that people consider you fat if you have a chubbier face. You can change the appearance and weight of your face if you’d like. It’s entirely possible. However, you can’t just lose fats in the parts of your face. You need to work on the overall weight loss. With right and dedicated effort, you can make your face slimmer. How to lose weight in your face? Here are some tips for you.

1. How to lose weight in your face 10 tips

Here are the common tips and tricks for how to lose weight in your face for you to try out.

   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

1-1.  Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol is among the few factors that are really bad for your overall weight. It dehydrates your body as well as contains useless calories. Try to stay away from alcohol if you are trying to lose your face weight.

1-2. Improve your posture

Poor posture makes your face look heavy and large and gives the double chin look. Always try to hold up your head and chin as well as keep the shoulders back.

1-3.  Drink water

Sometimes, not enough drinking water leads to retention. Your body thinks you are facing water shortage and starts to store it. Drink at least 2 litres a day.
   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

1-4.    Consume less sugar and salt

Sugar and salt are among the main culprits of facial bloating. Therefore, reduce the intake of processed sugar or salt and try stuffing more fruits or vegetables.

1-5.   Avoid Fast food and processed meals

Fast food contains a lot of fats and salt as well as sweetening ingredients. All of these are responsible for weight gain.

1-6.    Try to lose your weight using overall approach

There is no way you can only target face fat. So try to lose your weight generally doing exercise and consuming fat burning diet.

1-7.    Medication

Medication can cause your face to bloat without you even knowing about it. Consult with your doctor for prescribed drugs and pharmacist for the brought drugs and alternate them if you can.
   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

1-8.    Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga can be the greatest all time solution for losing weight in your face. Yes, there is facial yoga specifically for reducing fat. It has proved to be successful as well as overall beneficial. Many also noticed it keeps you younger too. Just search for facial yoga and exercise and there are exercises galore.

1-9.    Calcium intake

Calcium helps in burning your body fat as well as dramatically decreases water retention. Check your calcium intake from time to time and make sure you get calcium from your food enough.  Foods like low-fat dairies and leafy vegetables will help you achieve your desired calcium intake.

1-10.    Makeup

Makeup can do wonders. It can really be the desperate answer for how to lose weight in your face for women. There are lots of makeup tutorials that on the internet will make your face seem slimmer because makeup creates effects and illusion. Others will perceive as though you have a slimmer face.
Get foundation or powder which is a little lighter shade than your skin tone. Use it in the central part of your face and apply darker shade around the linings of your face. Make sure to blend these colours properly as it will create effects of dimension as well as depth.

2. How to lose weight in your face with 10 recipes

If you tried all the exercises and still cannot get rid your face fat, there is another solution – food recipes.However, while diet planning you should be extra careful. Your diet must have proper nutrition, plenty of liquids and foods that are very low in fat. Here are recipes on how to lose weight in your face as each one is scientifically proven.

   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

  How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

2-1.    Water with Lemon

What you’ll need:
- 1 glass of water
- 1 lemon
- 1 tablespoon honey
All you need is a glass of water. Add a pint of lemon juice and a tablespoon honey.

2-2.    Green tea with mint

What you’ll need:
- Green tea leaves
- Mint leaves
- 1 tablespoon honey
- 2 cups water
Boil the water with green tea leaves as well as mint leaves. Upon boiling, let the water cool for about five minutes. Then add honey and drink.

2-3.    Ginger Infusion

What you’ll need:
- 2 cups of water
- 1 pi├Ęce ginger root
- 1 lemon
Boil the water. Add sliced ginger and lemon juice. Upon boiling, take out and leave it for about 5 minutes. Then serve.

2-4.    Oats with yoghurt and fruits

What you’ll need:
- Half cup oat flakes
- 1 cup natural yoghurt
- 2 tablespoons honey
- 1 tablespoon chopped peaches
- 1 tablespoon chopped strawberries
- 2 tablespoons raisins
In a bowl, add required oat flakes, natural yoghurt, honey, chopped peaches, chopped strawberries, and raisins. Stir the mixture and serve.
   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

2-5.    Grapefruit, papaya and carrot juice

What you’ll need:
- 1 cup grapefruit juice
- 1 cup chopped papaya in small pieces.
- 1 medium carrot chopped into pieces.
In a blender, put required grape fruit juice, papaya pieces and a chopped carrot pieces. Stir it well and add required water to make the mixture less dense. Drink it in the first thing in the morning or in an empty tummy, thrice a week.

2-6.    Pineapple, guava and melon juice

What you’ll need:
- 1 cup pineapple chopped into small pieces, without the peel.
- 2 guavas minced in small pieces.
- 1 thick slice of melon, peeled.
- 1 cup of water
Mix and stir the needed chopped pineapple, minced guavas, melon and water. Drink the mixture for 30 days on an empty stomach.

2-7.    Strawberries, parsley, orange and honey

What you’ll need:
- 1 of strawberries.
- 1 branch of parsley.
- The juice of 1 orange.
- 1 tablespoon of honey
- Water
Blend the orange juice with the required ingredients. Stir it well and drink the mixture first thing in the morning for at least thrice a week. Continue for 30 days.

   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

2-8.    Carrot, lettuce, celery, cucumber and tomato juice

What you’ll need:
- 5 carrots.
- 2 leaves of clean lettuce.
- 2 stems of celery.
- 1 cucumber without the shell.
- 2 chopped tomatoes.
- Two cloves of garlic chopped into pieces.
Using the extractor pass the needed ingredients but keep the garlic as it is. Then put the garlic and the mixture together in a blender. Serve the juice but drink all of it at once. Drink during the morning hours and thrice a week.

2-9.    Green salad and avocado

What you’ll need:
- Italian lettuce
- 1 Cucumber
- 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
- 1 Avocado
- 1 Green pepper
- Ground black pepper
- Extra virgin olive oil
The avocado should be peeled and chopped. Cucumber should be washed and then cut into small strips or cubes. Green pepper is to be stripped. Place the lettuce onto a plate and add the pepper, avocado as well as cucumber. Then add virgin olive oil and black pepper and at last put some pumpkin seeds. Eat the recipe for lunch.

2-10.    Grilled Salmon

What you’ll need:
- 1 piece of salmon
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 lemon
- Provencal herbs
- Parsley
- Extra virgin olive oil
Set the salmon into a bowl. Then slice the garlic, chop the herbs including parsley. Now using these ingredients, you need to season both sides of the salmon. Add lemon juice and let it cool which can take a couple of hours. Then fry the salmon with olive oil in a pan. Each side should be cooked for three minutes. After done, you can serve the salmon.

3. How to lose weight in your face: 7 exercises

When we think of somebody, the first thing that comes to our mind is the facial structure. So it’s natural you want to keep your face attractive.
It is always good to pamper your facial skin while the recent trend suggests a chiselled jaw line with high cheekbone facial feature. It gives you that edge. Whether you want to look attractive or just worried about your double chin facial feature, facial exercises seem very important.
If you are wondering about how to lose weight in your face, here are some exercises that will do.

 How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

3-1.    Chin Lifts

Chin lifts works and stretches almost every facial muscle including jaw, throat as well as neck muscles. Use only lips muscle to perform chin lifts. Keep your eyes fixated towards the ceiling. Tighten your lips as if you are kissing. Hold and count to ten and relax. Repeat for 10 times.

3-2.    Lips pull

It is one of the very efficient facial exercises when done regularly will help your face muscles lift up and makes you look younger. You will end up with high cheekbones and an edgy jaw line. Keep your head in a normal position while standing or sitting. Then lift the lower lip as you push your lower jaw out. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat at least 10 times.

3-3.    Release

Move your jaw as if you were chewing with the lips closed while breathing deeply and humming. Then use bottom teeth to press your tongue and let your mouth wide open. Hold the posture for about 5 seconds and breathe again. Repeat ten times.

3-4.    Fish face

Make your face like a fish and try smiling at the same time. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

3-5.    Blowing air

Sit while tilting your head backwards as much as you can. Facing the ceiling, pull the lips for 10 seconds and blow the air. Repeat 10 times.

3-6.  Tightly closing eyes

Just close your eyes very tightly. Stay for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times per day.

3-7.    Keep smiling

Just keep smiling. It stretches your muscles and you still look good.

  How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

4. How to lose weight in your face: 9 best foods

There are many foods that increase your facial fat percentage while some decrease the amount of fat from your face. Here are some of the best foods that will help you on how to lose weight in your face.

   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

4-1.    Avocados

Avocados contain nutrients like mono unsaturated fats that make you full and reduce face fat.

4-2.    Peanut butter

Peanut butter will keep you full for longer period of time. It also contains saturated fat burning minerals.

4-3.    Olive Oil

It provides required healthy oils for the body to burn face fat.
   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

4-4.    Vegetables

Vegetables such as cauliflower, kale, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprout highly contain vitamins and minerals which help reduce fat.

4-5.    Omelet

Omelet will keep you full for longer and contains several proteins like vitamins, choline, lutein, calcium and phosphorus that help to burn body fat.

4-6.    Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has plenty of antioxidants and stimulants that burn fats. It also includes theobromine as well as caffeine. Go for the ones with a higher cocoa percentage.
   How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

4-7.    Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains a special antioxidant which will make your insulin sensitive. In turn, your blood sugar gets stabilised which means less amount of fat storage.
 How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

4-8.    Chili Peppers

It is scientifically claimed that the chilli peppers contain particular active ingredients known as capsaicin which burns calories effectively and balances your blood sugar. It means chilli peppers supports less fat storage. It is also a potent antioxidant.
How to lose weight in your face, how to lose face fat, fat face

4-9.    Yogurt

Processed yogurts are not recommended for your health because it contains saturated sugar. It will surely bulge your face so choose the Greek yoghurts. They are natural.Go with the plain ones with no flavours.


As mentioned earlier, go for overall weight loss. You will only feel good if you are healthy inside and out. When you start eating better and exercising regularly you will see the amazing results yourself. Go for more creative ways. Try mixing the above tips in your routine.
I hope the article answered your question regarding how to lose weight in your face.
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